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 ill do one to

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PostSubject: ill do one to   Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:05 pm

just so you know me Very Happy.
Name in game:Arash
Interests:video games, hanging out, lots of music and movies, tv shows to. I enjoy almsot anything on adult swim and things like chowder and adventure time.
Other games played:Ive played billions of mmorpgs and games in general its a passion for me and i love games and like to talk about them
Personality:Open, talktive, friendly. I can get passionate but i always try to stay thoughtful and think of other peoples points of view and things like that Very Happy.
Why you are interested in clan:I wanted to make a serious clan to play hardcore with but with out the hard core douche attitude that comes with it.
What you think you could offer:My body? lol. my time and friendship?
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ill do one to
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