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 Sadistical's App

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PostSubject: Sadistical's App    Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:31 pm

Name in game: Sadistical
APB Forum Name: Sadistical
Interests: Gaming in General, having fun, making new friends, and overall smashing the bad guys
Other games played: Think of a good FPS and i have played it; APB Beta, Multiple Call of Dutys, Multiple Battlefields, Counter Strike 1.6 and Source, Starcraft I and II, and a few MMORPG's.
Personality: I am a pretty laid back guy, Straight from Cali, so you can imagine. APB is something I became good at right from the get go of the beta, and its great to have teamates who back you up and vice versa for your teammates as well. I strive for the gold and the win, but i do understand when its time to back down and try next time.
Why you are interested in clan: Looking to share a great gaming experience with other players, its really nice to have backup from people you know and trust, and having fellow clanmates feel the same way when i come to back them up.
What you think you could offer: For starters have great tactical strategy whether its 1 on 1, or a mass war, look to me to have a plan to get shit done. Pretty good with most weapons, Best with Assualt Rifles and SMG's. I really think i could help the clan out and hopefully make it better as time goes on.

I play APB pretty actively, on it mostly everyday especially since summer has come! Hope to see you in game, Message me anytime and will be awaiting a post back.
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Sadistical's App
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