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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:28 am

Please note: This list may be changed at any given point in time. Furthermore, on occasion there may be certain exceptions to certain rules from time to time. Furthermore, these rules must be followed in addition to the rules for the game that you are playing that may or may not have additions.

1. Don't flame other members. We are a family here, and if there is friction within the ranks it leads to increased defiency. If you have a problem with another member, please take it to either: A: Global Moderator or Administrator, or B: Game Specific Moderator (assuming it happened in that game).

Unless its in good fun Wink.

2. Be respectful to everyone. Our appearance is only as good as our memberbase. If you continually make a scene and degrate our name, you can rest assured action will be taken. This does not mean you aren't allowed to smack-talk or have fun, just remember that you are representing our guild when you wear our clan tag.

3. Play fair. No cheating (via exploiting or other programs) is ever allowed. Cheating is a serious offense and can lead to bannings from both the games in question and guild

4. Respect leadership. i guess Wink?

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